Free Pattern: Knit Korok (from Zelda: Breath of the Wild)

We got a Nintendo Switch for the wedding from some of Dan’s friends in Seattle. Then, we also got Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Needless to say, a lot of my free time has gone into playing. While working on his socks, Dan joked that the yarn would make for a good Korok, so I decided my next project would be a teeny tiny Korok to hide in places and then find again.

I’m seriously excited to put this in Dan’s sock drawer and shout “YAHAHA!” when he pulls it out and asks me “What’s this?”


Anyway, it was really quick to make, so I figured I’d share. Continue reading “Free Pattern: Knit Korok (from Zelda: Breath of the Wild)”

Socks Finally Finished!

Sorry for the terrible quality of this photo. Also for how messy my car is.

I know, not a great photo, but it’s very sunny today and I’ve been in the car for the past 7 hours, so I’ll take what I can get. My blogging hasn’t taken over my life SO MUCH that I would stop the car to go take photos of an FO.

These are – or, were supposed to be- Dan’s “emergency” wedding socks. Why the quotes? Well… it’s a really long story, so brace yourself.

I really wanted to do a cute wedding gift for Dan – a nice note, and a pair of new socks “so he wouldn’t get cold feet.” – Yes, very cute, very pinterest-y. I had started the socks six months in advance so that I would have plenty of time. They were lovely Spud & Chloe striped blue, white, and brown, that he had picked out himself. I had an afterthought heel and a cuff in the same yarn I made my wedding socks in.

One month prior to the big day, I looked into the sock bag and realized with horror that one sock AND the yarn I needed for the heel and cuff were both missing! At some point in my travels, they had fallen out. I searched the house, my car, and every bag I owned. Nothing!

Finally, I came to the conclusion that the sock and yarn had fallen out during a work trip and were under a hotel bed or in between an airplane seat and a wall somewhere, never to be seen again. So, I started on a new pair of socks.

One problem – now Dan knew that he was getting socks, and he wanted them to be high enough to wear hiking. Guys, this guy already has big feet, but now he wants them to go halfway up his leg, too!? AGH! In the end they were so long I could wear them as some sort of weird restraint sleeves.

Here you can see me modeling said restraint-sleeve-socks. They go to around mid-bicep.

Naturally, I didn’t finish my second pair in time for the wedding, but I finished them today on a road trip back from upstate NY to visit our families. So, he gets his socks, better late than never.

And I got to put them on my feet and keep cozy, since he insists on having the AC on everywhere, so most road trips I need a blanket to keep from falling asleep.

Though the finished socks go to just before his calf, they go up to my knees

Yarn: Bittersweet Wooleries Guilty Pleasures (Pompeii Colorway)
Pattern: Improvised – Generic Toe-Up Socks with a 7.5-inch, K2P2 cuff
Joy at Being Finished: 10/10, would finish again.

I’m also pretty happy because I have cute plans for my leftover yarn! Going to make a cute knit toy πŸ™‚

On The Needles

It’s been a while since I blogged about knitting. Here’s my big project right now:


It’s the Beatnik Sweater, which I’ve wanted to make since I was a freshman in college. That’s eight years that this yarn has been sitting in my stash! 8 entire years!

I’m making a small, which fits my measurements but I’m still paranoid it won’t fit. I keep telling myself it needs to stretch to show off the cables…

I’m also working on some boring socks for Dan. When those are done, I’m making a new stuffed toy! πŸ™‚ They live in the car, so I have no nice pictures of them. Sorry.

Oh, Sorry. Were You Working on That?

Sweater progress, and a cat

JT loves to sleep on things that I need. Like the shirt I’m going to wear to work, the book I’m reading, or… the chart I need to work on my sweater.

Bonus points if you can guess what I'm making!

I'm sure there will be awesome photos of these from my photographer later.

How to: Vintage-ish Doily Escort Cards

So, I’m having fun practicing my hand lettering as I get ready for my wedding by making these escort cards. They’re inspired by these doily escort cards that I saw on Pinterest: (which should be banned for any brides who are within 90 days of their wedding).

Here's the image from Pinterest. I have no idea who it belongs to, so, sorry.
So pretty. Much vintage. Wow

I an DIY this! Yeah! We only have 80 guests. Or so. Some Still haven’t RSVP’d. It’ll all be ok. Gotta focus on the important things. Like writing down this tutorial for all the Internet to use and avoiding anymore hand lettering.

You will need:

  1. An interest or experience in hand lettering or calligraphy. I like to hand letter in my notes at work during meetings. I’ve gotten a little more practice at it now. Definitely don’t go into this without looking at a few tutorials. Or do, whatever.
  2. Cards! I used 80lb 4×6 Brown Craft Paper from ThunderBolt Paper. It’s already cut.
  3. Doilies. I just went on Amazon and bought a pack of these 4″ round paper doilies from Royal Paper The important thing is that your doily diameter is the same at the short edge of your paper.
  4. A nice pen. Don’t use some sort of Bic thing that you’d write your grocery list with. I used the 02 and the 05 pens from my Pigma Micron Set.
  5. Glue! A regular glue stick will be fine. Elmer’s Glue might also work. Modge Podge, too, I guess, but why waste your wonderful golden MP on something when a glue stick will work? You’re getting married. You should be counting your pennies.

Ready? Click through for the instructions.

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Mistakes Were Made

Mostly by me. I forgot my login info for my blog, and also have experienced an overwhelming amount of wedding crafts. And not a lot of knitting. In fact, zero progress on any knitting 😐
Here are some photos to make up for it:

Erm… yeah. I went to Ireland for work. So, there are all my pretty photos from that.

Any now, pretty photos of my house! (Not really. This is a terrible mess that is my wedding craft-o-mania.)


Just so you know – you’re not missing much, just me saying DON’T FREAK OUT a lot. Pretty much over everything that happens. πŸ™‚

The Dark Dark Days Have Ended!

a half-finished sock on my lap in the car.

The saddest month of the year is the month surrounding winter solstice. Why? Because it’s so dark that I can’t knit when it’s my turn to ride in the carpool. πŸ™

So happy that the sun is starting to peek over the hills when I ride to and from work!

But, of course, it’s not bright enough to take beautiful, blog-worthy photos. I’m sure my hoardes of readers will forgive me πŸ˜‰

(P.S. – found dpns that are the same size as my rosewood! So glad I didn’t clean out my knitting stash when I went through that Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up phase!)

Icing on the Cake!

So, here I am, trying to knit a little on my day off while I watch some BBC drama. (Call the Midwife, if you were wondering, which has both babies AND lovely knitwear.)

I got up to take my quiche out of the oven, and pop back down onto the sofa… and I head a CRACK.

pretty lovely needles... broken

I KNOW I’m not fat enough to break the couch (yet) so I get up, turn around… and I’ve sat on my needles. My lovely rosewood needles that I got inΒ  after a wonderful lunch at my favorite crepe restaurant.

They’re not going to be repaired, and I’m not going to have the money to go off buying rosewood needles anytime soon… so Dan’s socks will have to go even slower. Frustrating for both of us. He, because he wants his socks, and I because I wanted to finish these and start another pair by the end of the month when I go to Ireland for work.

What a Way to Start the New Year!

A pretty sky photo

As of today I can officially say that I have taken a record amount of time off from my job. On New Year’s Eve, I had a series of seizures. They weren’t sure what caused them at the time, but now my awesome team of medical folks that care about me (including my doctor, therapist, and personal nurse that I usually call “Mom”) are pretty sure it was from withdrawling from a drug that I had been taking.

I really got to see how the other side lived, though – or, well, how the other side was treated by emergency medical staff.

Because I was mostly out of it, I answered every question with “I don’t know.” Apparently, I was a pretty broken record when I wasn’t rolling my eyes back into my skull and wiggling around.

If you’re familiar with emergency medicine, you’ll probably figure out where this is going. One of the common questions that you get asked by EMTs is if you’ve had any illegal drugs. Of course I answered with “I don’t know” and everyone assumed I OD’d.

So, I sat in the hospital alone for about 3 hours (having said “I don’t know” when they asked me if I felt safe at home, which effectively kept Dan from coming in to see) seizing and remembering very little, except that people were pretty annoyed with me for wailing and wriggling uncontrollably. Sorry, ER nurses.

Thankfully, though, a social worker came in and talked to me and realized that maybe I wasn’t lucid, Dan came to sit with me, and eventually I got an IV and fell asleep.

Then I had a wonderful week of recovery. Even though I thought I was better by Tuesday, when I went into work on Wednesday I had trouble doing just basic work stuff – like, comprehending the emails I was reading or typing out my thoughts. Luckily, my job is awesome and they had no problem with me taking the time off – but I still feel kind of guilty.

Oh, uh, knitting? I did knit a bit, another one of my side effects from the medicine I was taking was random muscle clenching, and now that I’ve stopped taking it my hands feel so much better! Obviously I’m still going to keep doing stretches and strength training, but I can do a push up without pain! Whoohoo!

For 2017 I’m going to finish off my 16 in 2016… because why not? My main crafting priority is stuff for the wedding – none of which is knit – but I still have so many ideas!