10 Year Anniversary Pattern Sale!

This makes me feel kind of old, BUT… I started blogging ten years ago, in September 2007!

To celebrate, I’m offering my 3 for sale patterns for $1 each! That’s 60% off.


To get it, just go to my ravelry store enter this code when you check out:


That’s it! This promotion will run for the entire month of September. So, if you want to knit a cute hedgehoga friendly owl… or some easy, quirky socks – now’s you’re chance.

Also, my posts will be pretty much “whohooo 10 years” all month. I’m pretty proud of this! Things will be back to normal next month, so if you’re annoyed by retrospectives and reminiscing, come back then 😉 I’m sure there will be some updates on the baby sweater nightmare, and Dee’s Fall KAL that I’ll be joining!

Lessons from 10 Years of Writing a Knitting Blog

Wow. 10 years, I feel super old. I thought I would commemorate by writing a little bit about the history of my knitting blog.

The Beginning

My first blog was Amigurumi Knits/Knit Me, and I based it off a blog I loved called Lazylaces. Lazylaces linked to free point and click adventure games, and I wanted to do something similar for knit toy patterns. Knit toys were not that big of a deal then, there weren’t a lot of patterns out there at all and many of them were not professionally written. Folks like Anna of Mochimochi Land, Rebecca Danger, and Susan Anderson were writing knitting blogs, but relatively unknown. Ravelry didn’t exist yet, which meant that there was no easy way to find patterns.

So, every day I would go online and try and find a new knitting pattern. Through google. That’s right, I would literally google “Knit Toy Camel” and “Knit Octopus.” Every so often I would find a stumbleupon bookpage or a link library of lots of patterns, but much of it was my own google-fu. I would usually find home-brew patterns from blogs, and then email or comment on the post asking if I could feature that item on my blog.

I only featured things with people’s consent. Sometimes there was a little drama over this, which is funny now, because people are now super interested in “going viral” and having links to their patterns or blog post shared. Back then, it was incredibly bad form. Now, buzzfeed does it all day long and makes a bunch of cash over it 😉 I would usually post with the title of the pattern, a link to the blog, and link to the pattern, and a photo from the blog’s owner with them credited. Very rarely did I have problems, but once someone totally removed her pattern because I mentioned that it looked like Hobbes from Calvin and Hobbes, and she was afraid of a lawsuit!

Anyway, things were good. I filled my time making posts to different patterns all over, and knitting. But then…

Ravelry Happened.

Ravelry changed how you find knitting patterns. Now, there isn’t really a need for Knit Me, because you can go an find whatever you want on there. So, I slowed down on the link posting and started posting more of my own things. I moved all the posts about my own knitting trials and tribulations out to a separate blog, Alyoops!, which I hosted on Blogger. My own patterns are really where all the “traffic” in my knitting blog goes – my posts about knitting are ok at best, but they’ll never be so strong that people will just want to read them. I’m no Yarn Harlot, even though for a while in high school I really wanted to be.

Alyoops! was to be my bouncing off point into knit design stardom. (HA) It’s kind of funny now, but I was so sure that I would be a successful independent designer. I followed other designers, read blogs, and even ended up buying a book about it. A few of my designs totally flopped – especially the much-hated Dino the Dinosaur. Someone actually emailed me and told me she would never knit again because of my terrible pattern. One day I’m going to overhaul the pattern and post much better pictures. For now my designs are on hold, so that I can make sure that the Dino Debaucle is never repeated!

And Now…

Now, here I am, on my own domain! I actually never dreamed that I’d be able to afford my own domain on the ‘net, but now that I have a day job, it’s easy to spend $10 a year on Bluehost. Now my blogging is mostly just my knitting trials and tribulations. I don’t care much if I “go viral” or become a famous knitwear designer, I just want to have my knitting blog where I post what I’m doing, what I’m up to, and where I can keep up with my friends on the internet.

I still have patterns for sale, but they will probably never be a huge source of income. Right now, I make $5 every 6 months from pattern sales – definitely won’t be able to retire on that! I’ve never gotten a check from Google Adsense or Amazon Associates, but I don’t “work hard” at including these into my posts. At the moment I have a balance of $23 in my Adsense account and $0 for AA.

So here’s to 10 more years, with all the changes and trials and tribulations that come with that.

My Next KAL Knit – Nutkin Socks


I started on my next project Friday, and took it with me to Maine over the weekend. I love the pattern! It’s so easy and quick, and it really looks like a cable. I already have about half a leg done.

The yarn is hand dyed sock yarn form my friend Ali, who gave me a bunch of her hand dyed stash before she moved. I really love the color. It’s like pumpkin, or fire. The photo just barely captures how bright it is!


While in Portland, we smoked chicken wings and ate homemade bacon. We also checked out the Pirates exhibit at the Portland Science Center – definitely worth the $20 admission to see real pirate treasure! There’s even a part where you can touch some of the pieces of eight they recovered from a wrecked pirate ship.


We also got oysters from a stand. They were delicious! I don’t really like oysters, so I only had two of the half dozen. They were from 45 minutes away. I love street food, and Portland is getting some really good street vendors!


Anyway, that’s all the progress I have to report. I knit my arms off this weekend and my hands are a little sore, so will probably not do too much this week.

Almost Finished with My Antler Cardigan!


I’m not going to say that it’s finished until it’s packed up and mailed to it’s intended owner, but my Antler Cardigan has no more crafting to do! I sewed the buttons on and wove in the ends while watching Orange is the New Black last night.


This is my submission to Dee’s Fall KAL. You can find the rules here. Make sure to check out the FO’s that are going here, too!


Pattern: Antler Cardigan by tincan knits
Yarn: Berroco Vintage, 113 g (a little over 1 skein)


Fall KAL Start!

Yesterday I cast on for my Fall KAL submission. I wanted to re-do my baby sweater for my cousin’s next child, because I just wasn’t feeling it. The nail in the coffin was the fact that I was knitting it on the plane on Thursday and the woman in the seat next to me asked what I was knitting. Usually, when I reply with “baby sweater” the person gets stars in their eyes and they ooh and ah over my adorable work.

This lady’s reply? “Oh. Really? I don’t see it yet.”



So, I cast on my Antler Cardigan! I’m using the same yarn (Berocco Vintage) and I am loving the little sleeve that I have so far. So is JT the cat.


My knitting progress has been pretty inhibited by the fact that I have some sort of bug (what else is new?) and have been either vomiting or sleeping for the past 2 days… These whatever they ares have been striking me about once a month since just before the wedding.

But this is a blog about my knitting, not my health symptoms, so I’ll just leave it at that 😛

I hope my entry is fall enough – I chose Antlers because they reminded me of deer, and fall was always the best deer-spotting time for us. They would always wander towards civilization during hunting season! Hopefully that counts. If not, I plan on casting on a Nutkin sock when I’m done with this, as that means double points 🙂 So I will make it up.

Make sure to check out the other Fall KAL participants on Dee’s Blog! If you want to join, the rules are in her sidebar.

My Latest WIP

My work life has been pretty interesting, and this week I am flying to San Antonio for a meeting. Then this weekend, I’ll be home for a day before going camping in Maine. Then, home for a day before going back to Texas for more work!

Busy schedule, but my goal is to knit at least for 5 minutes every day, so I’m working on a baby sweater.

The pattern is called Denme, and I picked it mostly because I couldn’t figure out quite how it’s made by reading the instructions. This brought back a kind of knitting magic for me, and when I surfaced from my nostalgia-induced fugue state I was significantly invested and now there’s no turning back.

What broke the magic spell was the fact that when you go to work the back, you just randomly add stitches so that the back of the cuff is 3 stitches longer than it was before. I refuse to tolerate this foolishness, and so my back collar is only 3 stitches long. 

Or maybe it’s not a mistake? When I was correcting this perceived error, I realized that my sweater is backwards. Even though the instructions say “left front” this is the right front, or maybe we are talking about the baby’s left? Either way, the photos of the pattern show 12 stitches for the front collar, and so the numbers still don’t add up. 

Then, what is this? I cast on the same number of stitches for the front and back, but the front is longer. I’m hoping that this is because of the provisional cast on, and that it will work itself out when I go back and knit the full front.
Overall, this has definitely taken me back to the early days of learning to knit, but not in a good way. What I imagined would be “magic” is more like a painful anxiety that what I’m doing is wrong and I won’t know until just after I’ve weaved in the ends, or (more likely) when the baby that this sweater is intended for has his picture up on Facebook, and it would be considered rude to ask his parents to send the sweater back so I can fix it.

Send words of advice, reassurance, or good restaurants in SanAn.

Free Pattern: Knit Korok (from Zelda: Breath of the Wild)

We got a Nintendo Switch for the wedding from some of Dan’s friends in Seattle. Then, we also got Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Needless to say, a lot of my free time has gone into playing. While working on his socks, Dan joked that the yarn would make for a good Korok, so I decided my next project would be a teeny tiny Korok to hide in places and then find again.

I’m seriously excited to put this in Dan’s sock drawer and shout “YAHAHA!” when he pulls it out and asks me “What’s this?”


Anyway, it was really quick to make, so I figured I’d share. Continue reading “Free Pattern: Knit Korok (from Zelda: Breath of the Wild)”

Socks Finally Finished!

Sorry for the terrible quality of this photo. Also for how messy my car is.

I know, not a great photo, but it’s very sunny today and I’ve been in the car for the past 7 hours, so I’ll take what I can get. My blogging hasn’t taken over my life SO MUCH that I would stop the car to go take photos of an FO.

These are – or, were supposed to be- Dan’s “emergency” wedding socks. Why the quotes? Well… it’s a really long story, so brace yourself.

I really wanted to do a cute wedding gift for Dan – a nice note, and a pair of new socks “so he wouldn’t get cold feet.” – Yes, very cute, very pinterest-y. I had started the socks six months in advance so that I would have plenty of time. They were lovely Spud & Chloe striped blue, white, and brown, that he had picked out himself. I had an afterthought heel and a cuff in the same yarn I made my wedding socks in.

One month prior to the big day, I looked into the sock bag and realized with horror that one sock AND the yarn I needed for the heel and cuff were both missing! At some point in my travels, they had fallen out. I searched the house, my car, and every bag I owned. Nothing!

Finally, I came to the conclusion that the sock and yarn had fallen out during a work trip and were under a hotel bed or in between an airplane seat and a wall somewhere, never to be seen again. So, I started on a new pair of socks.

One problem – now Dan knew that he was getting socks, and he wanted them to be high enough to wear hiking. Guys, this guy already has big feet, but now he wants them to go halfway up his leg, too!? AGH! In the end they were so long I could wear them as some sort of weird restraint sleeves.

Here you can see me modeling said restraint-sleeve-socks. They go to around mid-bicep.

Naturally, I didn’t finish my second pair in time for the wedding, but I finished them today on a road trip back from upstate NY to visit our families. So, he gets his socks, better late than never.

And I got to put them on my feet and keep cozy, since he insists on having the AC on everywhere, so most road trips I need a blanket to keep from falling asleep.

Though the finished socks go to just before his calf, they go up to my knees

Yarn: Bittersweet Wooleries Guilty Pleasures (Pompeii Colorway)
Pattern: Improvised – Generic Toe-Up Socks with a 7.5-inch, K2P2 cuff
Joy at Being Finished: 10/10, would finish again.

I’m also pretty happy because I have cute plans for my leftover yarn! Going to make a cute knit toy 🙂

On The Needles

It’s been a while since I blogged about knitting. Here’s my big project right now:


It’s the Beatnik Sweater, which I’ve wanted to make since I was a freshman in college. That’s eight years that this yarn has been sitting in my stash! 8 entire years!

I’m making a small, which fits my measurements but I’m still paranoid it won’t fit. I keep telling myself it needs to stretch to show off the cables…

I’m also working on some boring socks for Dan. When those are done, I’m making a new stuffed toy! 🙂 They live in the car, so I have no nice pictures of them. Sorry.

Oh, Sorry. Were You Working on That?

Sweater progress, and a cat

JT loves to sleep on things that I need. Like the shirt I’m going to wear to work, the book I’m reading, or… the chart I need to work on my sweater.

Bonus points if you can guess what I'm making!