Painting Again.

Full shot of my painting - a pot of succulents

Not knitting drives  me a little crazy. I’m wandering the house looking for things to do. I’m tidying to the point of obsessiveness. I’m trying to justify crafting ridiculous things for the wedding. I’m working extra hard on work, which just tires me out, honestly.

I’ve had painting supplies for the longest time, but haven’t really painted anything GOOD in a while. So, in the past two weeks I’ve been pulling the paints out and creating some stuff. I’m pretty proud of this still life of succulents that I finished last week. Taking photos of it was ridiculously frustrating. It looks WAY better in person! Trust me!

A close up of the details on the succulents, soil, and rock.

Hopefully in a few days I can start exercising again, and then maybe by the end of the week I can pull out my knitting again.

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