I'm sure there will be awesome photos of these from my photographer later.

How to: Vintage-ish Doily Escort Cards

So, I’m having fun practicing my hand lettering as I get ready for my wedding by making these escort cards. They’re inspired by these doily escort cards that I saw on Pinterest: (which should be banned for any brides who are within 90 days of their wedding).

Here's the image from Pinterest. I have no idea who it belongs to, so, sorry.
So pretty. Much vintage. Wow

I an DIY this! Yeah! We only have 80 guests. Or so. Some Still haven’t RSVP’d. It’ll all be ok. Gotta focus on the important things. Like writing down this tutorial for all the Internet to use and avoiding anymore hand lettering.

You will need:

  1. An interest or experience in hand lettering or calligraphy. I like to hand letter in my notes at work during meetings. I’ve gotten a little more practice at it now. Definitely don’t go into this without looking at a few tutorials. Or do, whatever.
  2. Cards! I used 80lb 4×6 Brown Craft Paper from ThunderBolt Paper. It’s already cut.
  3. Doilies. I just went on Amazon and bought a pack of these 4″ round paper doilies from Royal Paper The important thing is that your doily diameter is the same at the short edge of your paper.
  4. A nice pen. Don’t use some sort of Bic thing that you’d write your grocery list with. I used the 02 and the 05 pens from my Pigma Micron Set.
  5. Glue! A regular glue stick will be fine. Elmer’s Glue might also work. Modge Podge, too, I guess, but why waste your wonderful golden MP on something when a glue stick will work? You’re getting married. You should be counting your pennies.

Ready? Click through for the instructions.


  • Get the names of all your guests. And their plus ones. Triple check with your spouse and relatives to make sure they’re right. This may seem trivial… but really. I used my Reply cards when they came in. I sorted them into 3 piles: Declines, Yes’s (no escort card yet) and Yes’s (escort card made)
  • Do your hand lettering/calligraphy thing on the doilies. Make sure the doilies aren’t stuck together – the ones I ordered were pretty sticky. I like to do the lettering on the doilies because I bought a thousand of them, and only a hundred cards, so I had plenty of room for error. Doing the lettering in the middle makes it easier to center the doilies later when you mount them. If you want the doilies to be folded in half like the example, you’ll need to plan things a little better.
Example of my hand lettering. 02 Micron, then go over with 05 on the downstrokes, then touch up with your 01
Name obscured to protect the innocent.
  • Mount the doily to the paper. I put glue on the doily, glue on the paper, and stuck the two together. Then I let them dry overnight and touched up any parts of the doily that didn’t stick with more glue.
Escort cards drying on my messy dining room table.
Make sure to lay them out in a way the totally inconveniences everyone you share space with
  • Fold the paper in half. All set!
  • Make a few blank cards. Just in case. You double checked the names, right? One’s probably still wrong. Better safe than sorry.
I'm sure there will be awesome photos of these from my photographer later.
Artfully cropped to protect the identities of my immediate family.

In case you’re wondering why there are no numbers on these escort cards, that’s because I haven’t figured out my seating arrangement yet. I’m going to add those later when the numbers are finalized.

If you’re wondering how long this will take… My numbers put it around 5 minutes a doily, once I get into the grove. So, if you have a hundred guests, that’s 500 minutes, or 8.3 hours. So start early. Or be good at calligraphy and do them in 30 seconds each, as about half of the time I’m spending on these is scrutinizing my hand lettering and hoping no one will look at the cards too closely.

Only 44 days to go for me 🙂

(FYI – this post contains affiliate links. The stuff that I’ve linked to on Amazon is what I used for this project. I’m not paid to “endorse” these things, but I do earn a little money if you buy them through Amazon’s Affiliate program.)


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