My Wedding in Photos

_62B8597We did it! 45 days ago, I got married! Here’s everything about it.

Where: An Island Off the Coast of Maine

Everyone thinks that we’re rich because we got married on “the islands” – but really it was super affordable, especially with the help we got from Dan’s family, who live on the island.

Anyway, it was a really easy choice to get married there. We are both from different hometowns, and where we currently live doesn’t have much meaning to us (other than it’s the closest place to work where we can afford an apartment.) The island was our first “vacation” and where he proposed.

The ceremony was on the (kind of windy) lawn above the beach where he proposed, and the reception was in the hall on the island.


What I DIY’d: With all the friends and family that I have that helped me, I did NOTHING by myself. We made a paper flower backdrop out of coffee filters, to hang over the stage.


I also “DIY’d” the bouquets and table florals. We ordered bulk flowers online and just kinda threw them together. It looked great and fit with the theme. _62B8735


We also had our own plates, table cloths, and table settings, which our friends and family helped us set up the day before.

Favorite Details:

There are too many! First, I made my own wedding socks!


These were going to be a 16in2016 project… but I decided to make them for my wedding. They are actually pretty cool. I tried to write up the pattern, but it was so confusing and I just didn’t have the energy. Maybe now that the wedding is over…

Second is that I got a portrait commissioned of us in our wedding gear by Sara Andersen, one of our favorite webcomic artists. We used it in our bookmark programs AND as a canvas guest book! (Which I guess was a DIY – we just printed the art on a canvas from Wallgreens and had people sign it.)


Then there’s the Happily Ever After bunting over the bar that my family tagged to read “Happily Weber After” – Which, by the way, was a re-use from our engagement party.


Oh, and, I got to publicly commit my life to my best friend surrounded by my nearest and dearest that were able to make the trip!

Partial budget breakdown:
Total out of pocket: 18k – 3k under budget!
What I would NOT buy if I could do it again: We paid $1200 for a rental that we only slept for 4 out of the 7 nights, because the beds were so uncomfortable. We bought a bridesmaid dress for a bridesmaid that ended up dropping out of the wedding and just causing a lot of stress.

There was a lot of stuff I thought I HAD to have, like fancy invitations (that ended up getting f’d up by minted FOUR TIMES before we got them right) and a “welcome dinner” (which I ended up panic-planning in May and caused a ton of drama when more people showed up then RSVP’d and we ran out of space.) I wish I had just let that stuff go and not worried about it, we probably could have saved 5k right there.

What I would buy if I could do it again: I would not change a single thing – the location was amazing, all the vendors we used were fantastic, and it was the best wedding I’ve ever thrown.

Ok, maybe I would change the dress. The salesperson convinced me to buy a size larger because “you never know” – and then I ended up losing a lot of weight before the wedding. Even though my seamstress altered the dress, my last fitting was a few weeks before and I managed to lose even MORE weight… which means that the dress was loose. The straps really hurt my shoulders, and when I took the straps off the dress sloooooowly slid down all night. I didn’t flash anyone but I was pretty embarrassed looking at the photos that people had posted on Facebook! I actually had to ask some people to take stuff down because… well, I have work friends on there and I doubt they want to see 10 inches of their coworker’s cleavage.


Last Word: None of these photos were taken by me; all credit goes to my awesome wedding photographer, Jeremiah Sjoberg Photography.

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