Socks Finally Finished!

Sorry for the terrible quality of this photo. Also for how messy my car is.

I know, not a great photo, but it’s very sunny today and I’ve been in the car for the past 7 hours, so I’ll take what I can get. My blogging hasn’t taken over my life SO MUCH that I would stop the car to go take photos of an FO.

These are – or, were supposed to be- Dan’s “emergency” wedding socks. Why the quotes? Well… it’s a really long story, so brace yourself.

I really wanted to do a cute wedding gift for Dan – a nice note, and a pair of new socks “so he wouldn’t get cold feet.” – Yes, very cute, very pinterest-y. I had started the socks six months in advance so that I would have plenty of time. They were lovely Spud & Chloe striped blue, white, and brown, that he had picked out himself. I had an afterthought heel and a cuff in the same yarn I made my wedding socks in.

One month prior to the big day, I looked into the sock bag and realized with horror that one sock AND the yarn I needed for the heel and cuff were both missing! At some point in my travels, they had fallen out. I searched the house, my car, and every bag I owned. Nothing!

Finally, I came to the conclusion that the sock and yarn had fallen out during a work trip and were under a hotel bed or in between an airplane seat and a wall somewhere, never to be seen again. So, I started on a new pair of socks.

One problem – now Dan knew that he was getting socks, and he wanted them to be high enough to wear hiking. Guys, this guy already has big feet, but now he wants them to go halfway up his leg, too!? AGH! In the end they were so long I could wear them as some sort of weird restraint sleeves.

Here you can see me modeling said restraint-sleeve-socks. They go to around mid-bicep.

Naturally, I didn’t finish my second pair in time for the wedding, but I finished them today on a road trip back from upstate NY to visit our families. So, he gets his socks, better late than never.

And I got to put them on my feet and keep cozy, since he insists on having the AC on everywhere, so most road trips I need a blanket to keep from falling asleep.

Though the finished socks go to just before his calf, they go up to my knees

Yarn: Bittersweet Wooleries Guilty Pleasures (Pompeii Colorway)
Pattern: Improvised – Generic Toe-Up Socks with a 7.5-inch, K2P2 cuff
Joy at Being Finished: 10/10, would finish again.

I’m also pretty happy because I have cute plans for my leftover yarn! Going to make a cute knit toy 🙂

1 thought on “Socks Finally Finished!

  1. Oh my ………….that’s some L-O-N-G socks. Congrats on the big finish!!!!

    (Maybe you’ll eventually find the lost yarn too. Then Dan can have TWO pair.)

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