Fall KAL Start!

Yesterday I cast on for my Fall KAL submission. I wanted to re-do my baby sweater for my cousin’s next child, because I just wasn’t feeling it. The nail in the coffin was the fact that I was knitting it on the plane on Thursday and the woman in the seat next to me asked what I was knitting. Usually, when I reply with “baby sweater” the person gets stars in their eyes and they ooh and ah over my adorable work.

This lady’s reply? “Oh. Really? I don’t see it yet.”



So, I cast on my Antler Cardigan! I’m using the same yarn (Berocco Vintage) and I am loving the little sleeve that I have so far. So is JT the cat.


My knitting progress has been pretty inhibited by the fact that I have some sort of bug (what else is new?) and have been either vomiting or sleeping for the past 2 days… These whatever they ares have been striking me about once a month since just before the wedding.

But this is a blog about my knitting, not my health symptoms, so I’ll just leave it at that 😛

I hope my entry is fall enough – I chose Antlers because they reminded me of deer, and fall was always the best deer-spotting time for us. They would always wander towards civilization during hunting season! Hopefully that counts. If not, I plan on casting on a Nutkin sock when I’m done with this, as that means double points 🙂 So I will make it up.

Make sure to check out the other Fall KAL participants on Dee’s Blog! If you want to join, the rules are in her sidebar.

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