My Next KAL Knit – Nutkin Socks


I started on my next project Friday, and took it with me to Maine over the weekend. I love the pattern! It’s so easy and quick, and it really looks like a cable. I already have about half a leg done.

The yarn is hand dyed sock yarn form my friend Ali, who gave me a bunch of her hand dyed stash before she moved. I really love the color. It’s like pumpkin, or fire. The photo just barely captures how bright it is!


While in Portland, we smoked chicken wings and ate homemade bacon. We also checked out the Pirates exhibit at the Portland Science Center – definitely worth the $20 admission to see real pirate treasure! There’s even a part where you can touch some of the pieces of eight they recovered from a wrecked pirate ship.


We also got oysters from a stand. They were delicious! I don’t really like oysters, so I only had two of the half dozen. They were from 45 minutes away. I love street food, and Portland is getting some really good street vendors!


Anyway, that’s all the progress I have to report. I knit my arms off this weekend and my hands are a little sore, so will probably not do too much this week.

Almost Finished with My Antler Cardigan!


I’m not going to say that it’s finished until it’s packed up and mailed to it’s intended owner, but my Antler Cardigan has no more crafting to do! I sewed the buttons on and wove in the ends while watching Orange is the New Black last night.


This is my submission to Dee’s Fall KAL. You can find the rules here. Make sure to check out the FO’s that are going here, too!


Pattern: Antler Cardigan by tincan knits
Yarn: Berroco Vintage, 113 g (a little over 1 skein)


Fall KAL Start!

Yesterday I cast on for my Fall KAL submission. I wanted to re-do my baby sweater for my cousin’s next child, because I just wasn’t feeling it. The nail in the coffin was the fact that I was knitting it on the plane on Thursday and the woman in the seat next to me asked what I was knitting. Usually, when I reply with “baby sweater” the person gets stars in their eyes and they ooh and ah over my adorable work.

This lady’s reply? “Oh. Really? I don’t see it yet.”



So, I cast on my Antler Cardigan! I’m using the same yarn (Berocco Vintage) and I am loving the little sleeve that I have so far. So is JT the cat.


My knitting progress has been pretty inhibited by the fact that I have some sort of bug (what else is new?) and have been either vomiting or sleeping for the past 2 days… These whatever they ares have been striking me about once a month since just before the wedding.

But this is a blog about my knitting, not my health symptoms, so I’ll just leave it at that 😛

I hope my entry is fall enough – I chose Antlers because they reminded me of deer, and fall was always the best deer-spotting time for us. They would always wander towards civilization during hunting season! Hopefully that counts. If not, I plan on casting on a Nutkin sock when I’m done with this, as that means double points 🙂 So I will make it up.

Make sure to check out the other Fall KAL participants on Dee’s Blog! If you want to join, the rules are in her sidebar.