The Goldilocks Ear

This week has been all about ears. Puppycat ears, that is. I’ve been making a few and trying to get one just right. I eventually went and drew ones out of paper to save myself time and yarn. But you don’t want to know about that.
What you want to know is when it’ll be done, right? Well, he’s going to be done soon! I just have a little sewing to do.
I’m really glad that I took this picture, because I thought his eyebrows were fine where I pinned them. But once I looked at the photo I realized they were far apart. That’s a trick to add to the pockets.
And a little bit of notes to transcribe… really, the notes are not very pretty.
Yes, I actually wrote “Screw you future self.” I love mean messages from 9 months ago in my notes.

Star Wars: Force Awakens Knit Gloves in the Final Scene!

Ok, so I’m not going to spoil the new movie.

But I need to know – did anyone else see the awesome gloves that Rey was wearing in the final scene!? I want them. I want to make them.

They were in maybe 4 shots, but I managed to get a rough sketch.


Yeah, not very useful, I know.

Luckily Dan doesn’t mind going to see it again because I need to see them again to get a good idea of what I’m going to make 🙂

Just like Puppycat (who is almost done btw) I’m obsessed with making these now.

If anyone can find me a picture, I’d really appreciate it.

Blizzard and Inspiration

The snow is coming down today across New England, and Dan and I are at home because our workplaces are closed! Which is good… because there is no way I’m driving in this weather.
So, what to do? Watch cartoons, duh! I discovered Bee and Puppycat through a friend, and I am obsessed.
If you haven’t seen it and have ten minutes, you need to watch it NOW.
Ok, now you’re back.  So, I’m going to make a puppycat.
Thankfully I got a gift certificate to WEBS for Christmas from some cool people, so I ordered the yarn today! It should be in next week. 
I’m really excited.  I haven’t had a strong inspiration like this to knit for a long time. Hopefully it doesn’t fizzle out! 🙁

Meet Moby

Let’s not talk about socks today.  Let’s talk about this post I put up a while ago.  Remember this thingy?
I finished him!
I wanted to make a stuffed animal, because I haven’t made one in a long time.  I used the leftover’s from Dan’s hat that I made last year (which is also an original pattern that I never wrote up…)  I’m calling him Moby the Whale.
Here’s a picture of Moby playing in the leaves.
My plan is to publish this pattern, but I’d really like some test knitters.  If you’re interested, leave a comment or email me (my address is on the sidebar) and I’ll send you the rough draft of the pattern! I would like to have at least 6 testers.
Please spread the word if you know anyone that likes to knit toys.  The pattern uses size 5 dpns or circular needles and calls for worsted weight yarn such as Cascade 220, Caron Simply soft, or red heart. Skill needed include: knitting in the round, sewing seams, and picking up stitches.
Thanks in advance!

Where My Disorganization Bites Me

The last round of Design Along that I participated in, I ACTUALLY designed something – a set of fingerless gloves.
I thought up the design, drew a sketch, was convinced that this was “the one”- the design that would be my best accomplishment yet, etc. etc.  I feel this way about a lot of the things I knit.
I finished the first glove, with all my little notes in my little notebook, when I went to the Twin Cities for work.
Then I lost the notebook.  I’m pretty sure it fell out of my bag at some airport.  Or in some plane.  Point is, I lost it and I put the single glove on a table and said “When I have time, I’ll reverse engineer it and write out the pattern and then make another pair in a contrasting color that’s longer. It’ll still be the best pattern yet.”
There are a few flaws with that logic. First, I don’t have time.  Not like I had before, when I was in school at least.  Second, the gloves are made with expensive, expensive yarn I got on sale ages ago and then lost the band to – Luxe Lace? Anyway, there was no way I was going to afford another skein of that stuff.
So, today while I was cleaning up my desk, I found that one glove, and I decided to put it to rest.  I would write up my notes, but I know that I will get a ton of angry emails like “What does this mean!?” Basically, I knit part sideways, and made the ruffley bits. Then I worked the cuffs out from the sides, and added a thumb gusset.
The gusset what I’m most proud of actually.  I’m not sure how I did it, and it’s a little loose… but if I had the notes I could modify it and…
No. I’m done.  It’s time to put the glove in the bin and say goodbye.  I’m sorry little glove, but maybe someday you’ll be resurrected.  Or maybe I’ll find something nice to make out of the yarn. Who knows!
Sometimes when things don’t work out, you just have to move one.


Like lots of people, I have a dream of working full-time as an independent knit designer.  I also have dreams of being a SAHM and owning a homestead, but for now these two things aren’t really that feasible – mostly because I have student loans to pay, and also because I just don’t think I’m at the point of my life where I can pursue them.  I can have a homestead when I’m retired, and live far off in the country in my off-the-grid permaculture complex; and I’m not going to run around trying to have kids, and even if I did, I love my job too much to leave it right now!
Anyway, my point is that knitwear design, on the other hand, is a dream that I’m nervous about.  I don’t think I could ever be a full time designer because I get so much inspiration while doing other things.  I think it might be a left-brain, right-brain thing.  While I’m sitting in training, one side of my brain is focusing on statistics and applying business ideas to EHS.  When this happens, the other side of my brain fires up and says “ME! ME! Look at this cool idea I just thought up! Hey! What if you took that yarn that’s in your stash and did this…”
It started last week, drawing ideas for a little dust bunny doll.
Then I thought hey, I’m not really using that top margin of that one page. What if I knit a wooly bear caterpillar? And it could have tassles on it! I remember that idea I had for a bunny, what if I made a little set that had other animals dressed as ballerinas?
Okay, we’ve drawn, I’m actually going to take notes… oh my gosh, wouldn’t it be cute if I knit a little chick, like for spring time?  So I drew it over and over until I figured out the proportions, type of wings, eye placement, etc. (There’s also a picture of me and Dan as chibis here, some bad drawings of the people that were presenting, and an idea for a garland.)
Then I just gave up and ended up just doodling.


What I like about times like this is that on this page, there are plans for 15 different projects.  And a sixteenth one that I couldn’t quite figure out (the pony doodle.) That’s more stuff than I can knit in a year!

Of course, this only happens maybe once a quarter, and not all of the ideas are worth doing.  I’m looking at you, football-shaped dog with pompoms in the top right corner. Some of the ideas might have already been done. Who knows if there isn’t a lego-shaped pillow out there?  Still, I keep pages like this stashed away and when I feel like I want to knit something new, I look back in the archives.  I’m thinking of making all of them digital, as kind of an insurance policy.

Props if you recognize the ballet instructor from here or here.

My One Knit Gift

This year, I’ve managed to curb my sanity and knit just one gift – a scarf for Dan.  Go me! I didn’t over-reach at all on knit gifts! Of course, cards, cookies, and other gifts… maybe a little.  I may have forgotten that I’m between paychecks this month.
Anyway, I set it out and let it block and the herringbone pattern really opened up.  I love blocking things! I’m still not super excited about the stitch pattern, but I’m not going to tear it out and re-knit two months of work.
It really is an easy pattern, so I’ll probably offer it up for free here when I get a good picture of it on him.  It’s all my own made-up-knit-stuff, but I don’t think it’s complex enough to warrant testing, pdf-making, etc.
Anyway, back to the scarf.  My favorite part is the fringe.  It turns out I reserved too much yarn for the tassles, so I could have made the scarf longer – I think it’s ok though.  He’s over 6′, and the scarf is 5′.  We exchanged gifts on Thursday and he looked dashing in it – but that was at night so I couldn’t get a good shot! Here’s one of me modelling it.
blahblahblah, I need a tripod, blah blah.

DAL Winter 2012 Mood Board

The next round of DAL has started, and although I don’t have much time, I think I’m going to participate in this one! There are two themes – Steampunk, and Elements.  I made the steampunk mood board, and really, I like it better than the other.  So that will probably be my focus.

I’m excited to see what everyone thinks up for this round! 🙂  You can click the image for a larger view.


DAL Summer 2012 Submission!

I have been wracking my brain to think of something for this round of Design Along – it seemed like I had a mental block all month about it, but I sat down today and sketched out all my ideas.  I narrowed it down to three that I really liked:
  • A Pandora’s box shawlette, with different lace panels representing the different things that Pandora let out into the world – skulls for death, boil-like bobbles, dropped stitches, etc.  I realized that this is a cool and kind of dark idea, but I would never have the time to execute it.  And, who am I kidding? I don’t wear any of the shawlettes that I’ve made.
  • A set of fingerless gloves based on Adam and Eve, in a leaf lace pattern that wrapped around the wrist and buttoned up the side. While this would be cool, there’s not exactly a shortage of leaf lace fingerless gloves in the world.  I didn’t think I was going to bring anything new to that arena.
  • Finally, this:
 Ariadne's Mitts Sketch copy

It’s a set of fingerless gloves based on the myth of Theseus and the Minotaur.  The princess Ariadne gave him a thread to find his way out of the labyrinth, and these gloves have embroidery detail that wraps around the hands in patterns as intricate as the person wants.

Yeah, it’s a little simple, but it’s different and do-able and I’m going to find the perfect yarn this week and the finished project is going to be pretty, just you wait and see!

DAL Summer 2012 Mood Board!

Whoohoo! This took way longer than I thought it would.  I tried to get as many photos in that I could.  Anyway, you can download it as a desktop background, too, which I think is super cool.  You can click on the file for a larger image or click here for it.
I can’t wait to see the mythology-themed ideas and designs!