What a Way to Start the New Year!

A pretty sky photo

As of today I can officially say that I have taken a record amount of time off from my job. On New Year’s Eve, I had a series of seizures. They weren’t sure what caused them at the time, but now my awesome team of medical folks that care about me (including my doctor, therapist, and personal nurse that I usually call “Mom”) are pretty sure it was from withdrawling from a drug that I had been taking.

I really got to see how the other side lived, though – or, well, how the other side was treated by emergency medical staff.

Because I was mostly out of it, I answered every question with “I don’t know.” Apparently, I was a pretty broken record when I wasn’t rolling my eyes back into my skull and wiggling around.

If you’re familiar with emergency medicine, you’ll probably figure out where this is going. One of the common questions that you get asked by EMTs is if you’ve had any illegal drugs. Of course I answered with “I don’t know” and everyone assumed I OD’d.

So, I sat in the hospital alone for about 3 hours (having said “I don’t know” when they asked me if I felt safe at home, which effectively kept Dan from coming in to see) seizing and remembering very little, except that people were pretty annoyed with me for wailing and wriggling uncontrollably. Sorry, ER nurses.

Thankfully, though, a social worker came in and talked to me and realized that maybe I wasn’t lucid, Dan came to sit with me, and eventually I got an IV and fell asleep.

Then I had a wonderful week of recovery. Even though I thought I was better by Tuesday, when I went into work on Wednesday I had trouble doing just basic work stuff – like, comprehending the emails I was reading or typing out my thoughts. Luckily, my job is awesome and they had no problem with me taking the time off – but I still feel kind of guilty.

Oh, uh, knitting? I did knit a bit, another one of my side effects from the medicine I was taking was random muscle clenching, and now that I’ve stopped taking it my hands feel so much better! Obviously I’m still going to keep doing stretches and strength training, but I can do a push up without pain! Whoohoo!

For 2017 I’m going to finish off my 16 in 2016… because why not? My main crafting priority is stuff for the wedding – none of which is knit – but I still have so many ideas!


Change of Address

My ymail account has been hacked.  AGAIN! So, I’m just going to stop using it.  If you need to contact me, send me an email at alyoopsknitting AT gmail DOT com.

Boo yahoo! 🙁

Being sick blows! (A Whiny Post)

So, I’ve been putting extra hours in at work.  And I work an hour from home.  So, assume I work a 10-hour day, plus two hours of commuting each way.  Then, of course, I need around 8 hours of sleep.  And an hour to get up in the morning and get ready for work (Shower, put on makeup, dress myself, pack a lunch).  What does that give me?
Three hours.  Three hours of free time.  I was griping to a coworker about this, and she said “It does seem like that sometimes, doesn’t it?” 
… WHAT? Lady, it is that.  Those are the numbers.  I have 3 hours a day of “leisure time,” and if I want more, I either have to work less or sleep less.
So, needless to say, I’ve been running myself ragged between stress and not sleeping (because, there’s fun stuff to do guys!) and not really eating too well, either, and it finally all came to a head Saturday when I spent the entire day vomiting whatever went into my stomach because I had messed up my sleep schedule and made risky food choices.
I spent Sunday sleeping and trying to eat small amounts of food because the vomiting had been replaced with terrible hunger pains. I couldn’t straighten my body to walk to the bathroom or even lie flat on my back, or else the cramps were so bad I would cry.
Today, I am sitting home on the couch.  I don’t really have any more pain, but my brain is so dead that I’m not comfortable going to my job… because I’m working on a lot of really important (to me) things and I’m afraid of making a mistake.
Anyway, there’s no point to this post other than me whining.  Sorry about that.  I think that when I started writing it, I meant to give an excuse of why I haven’t been around… but all the words just started pouring out.
Things will get better soon.  Dan and I are looking for apartments that are closer to work.  I’m going to finish these projects and they will be replaced with other, less stressful projects. 
And I’m never, ever, ever going to eat a sandwich that I found in the back seat of my car again.

Red Right Ankle

Okay, so it’s my left ankle, but whatever. 
Saturday I fell on ice and twisted my ankle really bad.  One of the ligaments is torn.  The picture above was from last night – today the area is still swollen, though not as bad.  It is all yellow and there is a black spot blossoming in the center.
On top of that, I’m travelling for work.  So pain + homesickness + overwork = grumpy.
Thankfully it’s not broken. My life would be so miserable right now if it was.
I have some happier, knitting-related posts coming up!

White Sunday

I woke up this morning and all the windows were frosted over… and there was a foot of snow on the ground! 🙂
It was actually fun shoveling our 3 flights of stairs.  I’m sure in early March it’ll be obnoxious when we’re gearing up and trudging through the snow for the ninetieth time, but today it was like a celebration!  We even walked down to the corner store and bought the paper and some beer.
It was nice just sitting around knitting and watching movies and stuff.  We also made Christmas cookies… but just baked them.  Hopefully we’ll ice them sometime this week… maybe not.  We decorated for Christmas, got a tree, and put up some greens in the flower boxes, but didn’t so much.  Our big Christmas purchase was a cute little snow globe with a fox in it.
And, even better news… my orchid that Dan got me for Valentine’s Day last year is blooming again! It even has some new little shoots coming up. Did you hear about the color of the year? It’s Orchid! The color of my orchid, the color of my sweater and the color of my socks.  I’m actually a little sick of seeing this color with two projects with it!


I finally got to block my shawl! I used the wig pins that my friend Kate gave me, and blocked it on the floor of the hobby room.
Of course, I had to clean the room first so that there would be room to block the shawl, that took way longer than I thought it would!
Aside aside, it looks amazing.  I love blocking things – the ritual behind it, pinning each part out symmetrically… If there was a paying job blocking people’s handknit work, I would apply today! I love the feeling of a project stretching out, being pulled into its final shape, teasing it and pinning it just so that it looks the way I want it to look. 
Sometimes I feel like I’m being blocked by other people.  You know the type – people that try direct you, stretch you to your limits so that you can discover who you are and what you’re made of.  I had a teacher in elementary school that definitely “blocked” me! We had to have our homework done, every night, the exact way that she told us to.  I hated her – but, you know what, because of her I learned that I had to do my homework, because it helped me understand the material that we talked about in class.  And, when I got to college I still did my homework (yes – even the readings!) and I got excellent grades – because I had built those habits when I was a kid.  Mrs. D had blocked me into the shape of a student.
And just like a lace shawl or a hat, we can relax and forget our shape.  Then someone else comes around and helps block us again.

Let it Snow!

This big snowstorm has been my first one in New England.  Although there has been snow, it hasn’t been this big yet.
Because I have a long commute, I played it safe and worked from home yesterday in case things got really bad. Dan even came home early! When we went to bed (shamefully early in the night) the snow has stopped, and we wondered if all the hype was for nothing.)

Then we woke up to this.

Oh hai, snow, how’s it going?

Hope everyone is safe and warm! I know the areas south of here are even worse off.


My Halls Are Decked!

Although I still haven’t unpacked all my things, we decorated for Christmas last weekend and I’m so excited.  We got our own live tree, ornaments, etc etc etc.  We even have the glade plugins in a Christmas theme! I haven’t done any crafty stuff, really, but I still thought I’d share. 
First up was the tree, of course.  Boyfriend wanted a teeny tiny one in a pot, but I managed to convince him to get a bigger one in a tree stand.  It’s still small – exactly my height, but small.  Here’s a size comparison:
We went to Walmart, Target, the Dollar Store, and Home Depot to get all the lights, tinsel, and glitz.  I really wanted mistletoe and a nativity, and found a nativity at Home Depot.  I got bells to hang up in the doorway…
… Little bulbs for my lavendar plant…
We searched and searched for mistletoe, but couldn’t find any at any of the places we went.  Luckily, my mom sent a care package of Christmas ornaments, candy canes, and… MISTLETOE! It looked like someone has spray painted it green, and half of it crumbled apart when we tired to take it out of the box, but gosh darn it we put it up! It makes me think of Charlie Brown.
I also made a little display on one of the shelveswith old jars of pasta sauce, candy canes, and extra tiny bulbs that we couldn’t fit on the tree.  Oh, and pretzel M&M’s. 
Here’s our tree in all it’s glory! The presents underneath are for Boyfriend, his birthday is today.
And one from last night:
How are your Christmas/Holiday preparations going? 

Treat Yourself

Yesterday, amid a ridiculously stressful situation my Dad told me that I needed to “take a few deep breaths and treat yourself.”

Well, today I stopped at the organic market down the street from my school and bought this stuff:

It seriously WAS a treat.  If you’ve never had fromage blanc, I highly recommend it.  I tried it at a farmer’s market about a month ago and all I knew it as was “sweet goat cheese that you eat with dessert.” It’s so delicious!
Then, I started thinking about all the other treats that I give myself.  It seems like everyday I do a little thing to “treat” myself – not something big or expensive, but just something that I’d like to do.
1.) When I bought groceries last week, I bought a bouquet of flowers for $6.  Yep, those flowers are a week old! I have a ton of special tricks to stretch cut flowers 😛
2.) A bit of expensive chocolate that has witty writing on the label… Isn’t it true though!?
3.) I also like to describe the sunrise to myself as I walk to work.  When I travel to work I leave the house before sunrise, and watch the sunrise as I drive east to work.  My favorite was Tuesday, where the dark clouds slowly moved north, revealing the orange and red sky.  It was like watching the curtains get pulled aside at the start of a ballet.
4.) Reading blogs on my phone in the in-between times during my day.  Walking to class, in the elevator, whatever.  By the way… blogs that only display previews in their RSS feeds are obnoxious.  Why do people do that? It means that I essentially can’t read your blog.  I was good enough friends with someone or liked the blog enough I would click through, right? Apparently not. I just skip right over it and never read it.
5.) Of course, there’s also knitting time. I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t knit and watch my favorite TV shows.
What do you do to treat yourself, Internet? I want ideas!

Last Leg of School!

It seems crazy, but I haven’t posted in almost two months! That’s mostly because I got an awesome new internship in addition to my other job, and because I’m almost done with grad school! I moved into my room on Sunday. So, by Thanksgiving, I will have entered the real world.  I’m kind of excited, because this time I won’t be travelling around, sleeping on people’s couches – I will have my own apartment, and a car, maybe a cat… etc. etc.
Another reason (besides being ridiculously busy) that I haven’t blogged is that I haven’t really knit over break. I chugged away on my dragonfly socks, maybe getting a row in here or there, but I didn’t make any real progress.  I finished my giant red sweater and it looks hideous, which is disenheartening.  I have a bunch of designs that are ready to be published, they just need one or two little things. (Or, erm, testing.)
BUT, I am starting to knit again.  I knit all through my business class on Monday night (while I was missing a Hooks and Needles meeting…) and I am – EEK – finally on the toe of my second Dragonfly sock! I’ve also been making hedgehogs. Lots of hedgehogs.  I’m not sure why, maybe it’s a sign of my growing mental instability.