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For-Sale Patterns

Here are my For-Sale patterns – if you like my blog and my free patterns (below), please consider supporting me by buying a pattern on Ravelry in my online store!

Borneo, A Knit Owl


$2.50 USD

These cute knit owls are quick and fun to make! Instructions are included for those who are comfortable knitting in the round and for those who would rather knit them flat.

Hogwort, A Knit Hedgehog
Photo of the Hogwort knitting pattern
$2.50 USD
This palm-sized stuffy with lanky legs and felt scales is sure to capture your heart. Instructions are included for both a flat knit and in the round hedgehog.

Pink Lemonade Socks


$2.50 USD

These socks look like they have cables, but they really don’t! This is a great pattern if you want an easy sock pattern but don’t feel like making a stockinette stitch one.  Great for road trips, knitting circles, or just TV watching.

Free Patterns



Dino the Dinosaur

Ichigo (Inspired by Katamari)

Sweet Cake (Japanese Food?)

Wooper (Inspired by Pokemon)


Tiling Tiger Print

Glee Carousel Sweater


Dude Socks

Blueberry Chocolate Wristwarmers

I Do! (Knit Ring) Kitten Mittens

Naota’s Hat (Inspired by FLCL) Slouchy Ridges Hat

Bits and Bobs:

Knit Sunflower

Pinwheel afghan square

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