Yarn Winding Woes – What else is new?

Since I finished my mermaid tail blanket, it’s only right to start another project, right? I’ve hard two skeins of Spud and Chloe Stripey fine in my stash from who knows where and when, because I never stashed them on Ravelry.

Anyway, I got out my trusty cake winder and swift last night and plopped the first skein on. I instantly knew I was going to have problems.

This little loop on my swift isn't supposed to be sticking out like this

That loopy thing is NOT supposed to be there.

Anyway, I wound on fearlessly… and ended up REALLY tangled.

Here you can see a mad yarn vomit on my swift.

Dan was watching TV, and laughing at me every time he looked over. What a fun night. 😐

But, I muddled through and now I have two little cakes of yarn to make some socks with!

Two cakes ready to go!

Not sure if I’ll like them, because the FO’s of this colorway on Ravelry are not my cup of tea. The word “hideous pooling” was used. You can see what I’m talking about yourself here. But as long as Dan likes them, that’s the goal, right? πŸ™‚

Finished my Mermaid Tail!

Here's me in the tail on the couch.

All done! I got Dan to snap a picture of me on the couch – honestly, it’s a bit hard to take a selfie of something like this.

Hooray! It’s been nice to finish something, honestly, because everything has been going so slow. Hands, get better soon! πŸ™

Pattern: Mermaid Tail Lap Blanket for Children and Teens, by Angie Hartley. I made the largest size from this pattern instead of the adult one because I’m little. It fits 5’1″ me perfectly!

Yarn: Vanna’s Choice Solid in Antique Rose, 9.6 skeins. I have half a skein left over for the scrap jar.

Made as part of a knit along with my two friends from college, Ash and Alysia!


A Pretty Pink Progress Post

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving if you celebrated it. Dan and I went to his aunt’s near Augusta to have dinner with his Dad’s family, and it was a lot less hectic than the 4-5 dinners we go to when we’re back home. Plus I don’t feel like I overate! Win-win.

Money has been kind of tight, with the wedding and the holidays coming up, so I’ve been stressed. Dan convinced me to drop $6 on carnations at the grocery store, though, and I’m happy I did. Their bit of pink brightens up the apartment.

pink carnations from the grocery store

Another bright spot is that I am (very slowly) making progress on my WiPs! My mermaid tail is ready to finish!

my mermaid tail laid out on the floor, ready for the last step

I also am getting a knack for making coffee filter flowers, which are going to be the backdrop to the stage at the wedding. Here is my bin of them:

My growing pile of coffee filter flowers, with bonus curious cat

They take up way less space when you keep them krinkled up, so that’s what I’m doing until it’s time to string them together.

I might make a tutorial, if I can get a day with good light to take photos! It’s been dark an dreary. JT the cat has been very clingy, half because of the weather and half because he sprained his little kitty paw yesterday while we were gone πŸ™ No break, but he’s walking with a limp. He doesn’t cry when we touch or squeeze it so we’re taking a wait and see approach.

Painting Again.

Full shot of my painting - a pot of succulents

Not knitting drivesΒ  me a little crazy. I’m wandering the house looking for things to do. I’m tidying to the point of obsessiveness. I’m trying to justify crafting ridiculous things for the wedding. I’m working extra hard on work, which just tires me out, honestly.

I’ve had painting supplies for the longest time, but haven’t really painted anything GOOD in a while. So, in the past two weeks I’ve been pulling the paints out and creating some stuff. I’m pretty proud of this still life of succulents that I finished last week. Taking photos of it was ridiculously frustrating. It looks WAY better in person! Trust me!

A close up of the details on the succulents, soil, and rock.

Hopefully in a few days I can start exercising again, and then maybe by the end of the week I can pull out my knitting again.

Here's a good photo to share on pinterest!

My Newest Obsession – or, How to Start Going Zero Waste

No new knitting because my hands have been sore. BUT I’ve started a new project: zero waste. That’s right. No trash to the landfill anymore.

Long time readers probably know that I’m a little… crunchy. That tends to happen when you get a college degree with the word “environmental” in the name. “Zero waste” sounds pretty radical – and it kind of is, but starting it was really easy! I spent a lot of time reading zero waste blogs, and they are… really crunchy. Way more crunchy than me. Let’s not go there.

Anyway, going zero waste doesn’t involve eliminating plastic, eating only at farmers markets, or doing some radical hippy things that sound like torture (“Oil pulling!? That sounds painful!”). In fact, we haven’t bought anything or really spent any extra money… yet. (I’m thinking we’ll have to eventually, once we start replacing products that are more wasteful, but we’ll see.)

It’s really just 2 steps!

First Step: Keep Track of Everything you Throw Out

I’ve been doing this for the past few weeks now in my bullet journal. Write down EVERY LITTLE THING that I throw out. Zero waste means zero, right, so there are no exceptions here. Tissues. Cat food containers. Receipts. Wrappers around the lids of pickles.

pages from my bullet journal where I keep my trash log

If you do this right, you should get a really good idea of everything you throw out. I did about 3 weeks worth of trash (thus, 3 pages) and noticed a LOT of repeats. Some things, like dental floss picks, I throw out every day. Because I love data, I put the items into a spreadsheet and categorized them, so I can look at fun graphs.

The graph shows that food packaging is the biggest waste stream, by far.

If you’re interested in making your own spreadsheet, just check out mine here – you can copy and paste it as your own file.

I wanted to weight each thing, but Dan said that was kind of creepy.

Second Step: Figure Out How to Not Throw That Stuff Out

Ok, this is not really that small of a step, but that’s honestly all there is to it. Next to each item in journal, I have notes on what I can do to avoid that waste. Here are some examples:

  • Ziploc bags to store meat in the freezer – Use other containers, like pyrex glass or mason jars.
  • Dental picks – get a “Gum Simulator”
  • Roomba waste – Pick out the noncompostables (change, hair ties) and then compost the rest.

Here you’ll notice that you start doing some kooky things. This is probably the kookiest that I’ve gotten: I have a little makeshift composter at my desk at work.

It's a compostable cup that I put my other compostable stuff in and take down to the caf every day... but it works!

The backstory behind this is that my work composts, but the only place to “throw out” your compost is in the cafeteria. So, I’ve been buying iced coffee every day (or, lately, every other day) and putting my compostable waste, like napkins, cafeteria silverware, and tea bags in this. I took this picture right before I put the stuff in the bin – if there’s any food waste, I throw it out that day so that I don’t attract fruit flies!

That’s it!

Those two steps are what zero waste is all about. How much effort you put into each step is totally up to you.

I’ll probably do more zero waste-themed posts in the future, since it’s my current obsession.

On a funny note, when I talked to Dan about zero waste, he immediately thought of the wastes in Lean Six Sigma. I told him I’m not quite ready to bring work home like that. He’s such an engineer.

Zero waste can be hard, but starting your journey takes only 2 steps!

How to Lead a Nursing Home Craft Circle

How to Lead a Craft Circle in a Retirement Home

It’s been one year since I started leading a craft circle at my local retirement home. Looking back, there’s a lot of stuff I wish I had known, though. I thought I’d compile a list of tips and tricks, so, here they are! Hopefully I can inspire people to get out there and start working in their community.

No NaNos for Me This Month!


This year, I’m not doing NaNoWrimo, NaNoKniMo, or any other monthly challenge… and I feel kind of guilty. I just have a lot of stuff on my plate. I want to finish my 16 in 2016 challenge, I’m working on a new secret design that I thought was SO AWESOME but now think it’s a little lame… I just don’t have a lot of knitting confidence right now, which translates to not a lot of self confidence.

I’m happy to watch from the sidelines while everyone else works hard, though! πŸ˜‰

I DID print a copy of the novel that I finished last year. It’s languishing away, unedited and un-looked at by anyone. (Maybe it should stay that way?)

I’ve Moved!

I’m hopping onto the WordPress bandwagon, and while I was at it, I decided to get myself my own domain. This means that I’m going to be trying to be serious about this side hustle knitting thing. Which, if you’ve been tuning in frequently, you might notice as a theme.

Anyway, I’m hoping to be able to make enough money to pay for my hosting from sales and blog income. That’s about $275 in three years. If I can’t, I promised myself that I’d be moving back to my free hosting. So, we’ll see!

Hope the mess isn’t too bad. I’ve lost all of my photos for the past year, but they’re stored in Flickr, so worst case I’ll re-upload all of them… gross but managable since I haven’t posted much!

Jean Tannen the cat.
Here’s a picture of JT in a box, so that you don’t get too mad at my mess.

Knitting Away!

“Where’d Alyssa go? Oh, she must be busy with her wedding planning, and stuff.”
Actually, I’m not, really! Wedding planning is going really smoothly. I’m immersing myself in work, working out, eating clean, and knitting really, REALLY slowly.
Oh, and watching TV while the cat lies on me πŸ™‚
If I have any knitting progress, I’ll update you! There’s just not much to see lately. Sorry!

My (Long) Weekend Project Was a Success!


I now have a widdle baby sweater with a widdle shawl collar! I can’t get over how adorable this is.

The only thing I need to do is weave in the very last end. So I’m going to count this as done!


I’m a LITTLE worried about the sizing though. How big are baby arms? Beacuse this thing fits around my wrist…


Oh well… she can grow into it πŸ™‚

Another 16 in 2016 project done! πŸ™‚ I really have to get it in gear if I want to finish the list though… πŸ™

  1. Knit something for charity.
  2. Knit something just for yourself.
  3. Knit something you can finish in a weekend. Then spend the weekend working on it!
  4. Knit something that’s been in your queue forever. (Can be a Ravelry queue or just something you’ve been wanting to try.)
  5. Knit something and then yarn bomb somewhere! (Be sure to get permission. I’m going to do something on my own property.)
  6. Knit something that uses a technique you’ve never done before.
  7. Knit something silly. (There are so many possibilities!)
  8. Knit something to give to someone as a thank-you. Everyone has someone that they can thank for something!
  9. Knit something useful.
  10. Knit something that uses a vintage pattern. 
  11. Knit something that uses game knitting
  12. Knit something from a pattern you tried before but gave up on. I have a lot of these!
  13. Knit something from a pattern that you tried before and loved. I have some of these…
  14. Knit something that uses indie yarn.
  15. Knit something with someone else (through a knit along, mystery knit, etc.)
  16. Knit something from a pattern that you buy. Spend money on a book, magazine, or independent pattern!