On The Needles

It’s been a while since I blogged about knitting. Here’s my big project right now:


It’s the Beatnik Sweater, which I’ve wanted to make since I was a freshman in college. That’s eight years that this yarn has been sitting in my stash! 8 entire years!

I’m making a small, which fits my measurements but I’m still paranoid it won’t fit. I keep telling myself it needs to stretch to show off the cables…

I’m also working on some boring socks for Dan. When those are done, I’m making a new stuffed toy! 🙂 They live in the car, so I have no nice pictures of them. Sorry.

WIP Wednesday Week 16

Lots of progress! I’m almost finished with my Matchstick Socks! Like, 2 rows and a bind off is all that separates Dan from his socks!
And, I already have a next project. I’m going to keep it a secret though, because it’s an original design and I’m really proud of it! Here’s a sneak peek:
On the blanket front, I’ve almost finished the quarter I’m on! That means that I’m going to soon be 75% complete 🙂
So, I’m feeling pretty good this week! A little progress, but it feels like a lot.
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Stitch Along Wednesday – Week 14

I worked from home today because I’m getting a cold and want to rest up before my VACATION in Virginia Beach next week. I’m lucky that today was slow, and I got to sleep in, work on stuff that I normally don’t have the bandwidth to do when I’m in the office (with people coming through and interrupting me) and catch up on reports. (Ok, I don’t like to catch up on reports, but you really have to do it… so it’s nice to do it in pajama pants with my cat on my lap)
Anyway, it also meant I had daylight to photograph my WIPs in! So here I am, participating in Gracey’s Stitch Along Wednesday 🙂
My Hue Shift Afghan is coming along square by square. I work on it in the car on the way to and from work, when Dan drives. 
Dan’s Matchstick Socks are flying off my needles! I’m so happy with how this pattern is. I think I’ll be making these again 🙂
I’m having trouble picking my next project after I finish Dan’s socks. I have one that I really want to do (it’s a design, so I wouldn’t blog about it) but I’m wondering how to make it fit in my 16in2016 Challenge criteria…
Well, those are my knits. Join up your blog here!

Stitch Along Wednesday – 2016 Week 5

Oops, I skipped week 4 because I was just SO DONE with everything. I had really bad carb flu, and was just miserable. But now I feel great! Yay, Whole30!

Anyway, here are my updates:
1.) Most of my Bunny Mittens work has been technical – writing the notes down, adjusting the charts. I’m going to try and get some people to test knit it on the Ravelry forums when I think I have all my ducks in a row (and when I think that I have the second sample done!) I did make a cute little fork pom pom for it though!


2.) Another square on the blanket! I’m almost at the point where I’ve caught up all the work I had to tear back.

3.) My Marlene sock’s heel is turned and I’m decreasing the gusset. I’m really surprised that I can knit this while reading! Well, until my hands get tired and I just read.


4.) Yeah – I have a fourth project (kind of) – my next 16in2016 is going to be Purple Baby Hats!



I really liked making these last year, and my friend gave me some very fun purple hand dyed yarn, so I figured “easy come easy go” and that I should get some karma back by donating it to CLICK. I found out that you can send in hats any month of the year, so I can work on one at a time. (The improvised pattern I do is really easy, and takes about 2 hours to make a hat)

There’s my update! Make sure you check out the other updates here!

Stitch Along Wednesday – 2016 Week 3

3 Weeks into the Year! Whoa. Here’s the status of my projects.

1. I finished my first 16in2016 project! I’m going to post about it later this week.

2. My little design is coming along well… Bunny mittens! (In the same vein as Kitten Mittens, hehe)

3. Added a square to the blanket! If I knit a square a week, I will some day finish. That’s the level of project management on this baby right now. I just work on it when I can in the car.

4. My first sock is growing! Hoping to turn the heel this week.


Stitch Along Wednesday – 2016 Week 2

I really like reading Gracey’s Stitch Along Wednesday, so I figured I’d link up! 🙂

Right now my three projects are:

1.) A new design for mittens! I’m really excited about it. I haven’t really started. But I have the plan!

2.) My color block blanket that I got into a bind in. I laid it out and did some frogging. It hurt. I wish I could say it was like lancing an abscess, and the hurt was fast. But it was more like peeling the bandage off a bad cut that should’ve gotten stitches, but instead you decided to wait until the clinic was open the next day and now you feel like a dummy. Not that I recently cut my thumb cooking or anything…


3.) My first 16in2016 project!


I decided to start the year off by knitting something for myself. I’ve had this knit.1 magazine since I first started blogging, because it had all these designers that I looked up to. Well, I went to ravelry page and… there’s errata?

But the website doesn’t mention any errata!

But the pattern page says there’s errata!? I’m so anxious. Am I doing something wrong? What do I do? The projects are not helpful in this regard. So, for now, I’m at an impasse. Will update as new information becomes available.